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Seletti together with Alessandra Baldereschi inaugurates a new project that explores the tradition of Chinese manufacture.

Alessandra Baldereschi studied the archives of the Roman Seletti, a true pioneer of trade with the East since 1964 and founder of Seletti with the aim of giving "new life" to some artifacts of the everyday players of those years, made entirely by hand with natural materials.

The first collection, called "Florigraphie", takes up the motifs of traditional trivet straw, folded and stitched to create new compositions.

Taking inspiration from the ancient language of flowers, where each flower had a special meaning, Alessandra has choosed different flowers that contain a specific message for a personalized gift:

Passiflora: trust, faith

Margherita: innocence

Camelia: destiny in your own hands

Non ti scordar di me: don’t forget me

Geranio: true friendship

Mimosa: femininity


Produced by Seletti 2013,