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The Greenwood collection designed by Alessandra Baldereschi is inspired by a walk in the woods in different seasons, and it describes the colours and the precious gifts that nature bestows on us. Fruits of the forest, berries and the little flowers that are encountered during the stroll decorate the porcelain. They seem to be freshly picked and placed lightly on the plates to form a delicate decoration. Now the collection, which is known for its borosilicate elements ranging from tumblers, jugs, and components for tea and coffee, has been expanded with mugs and plates in porcelain. There are 6 different subjects (cherry, blackberry, acorn, lily, strawberry, and blueberry) featuring hand-crafted and hand-painted three-dimensional elements. A decoration is applied to each dinner plate, fruit plate, bowl, and mug to create a complete table setting. All the elements of the collection are stackable and dishwasher safe, and they are suitable both for home and professional use.

Produced by Ichendorf Milano 2021


greenwood porcelain video