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The islands are often the destination of our fantasies, they capture the imagination because they represent an unexpected, unknow and to be explored space.

There are islands of solitude, magical islands populated by fairy-tale beings or islands where castaway find solid ground. The IVV islands are “happy islands” where there is a hill that houses a house.

A collection of glass trays and plates with irregular shapes where the waves of the sea form a texture on the surface, refracting the light like water in motion.

At the center of the tray is a glass dome that resembles a hill with a small house on the top, useful for taking the object. The small dome in the center of the tray serves to cover hot food or present food in new ways.

Collection of pressed and decorated glass trays, completed with borosilicate glass dome, available in four differet sizes.

Produced by IVV 2020,

Design Alessandra Baldereschi

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