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Alessandra Baldereschi with Serralunga 1825

Alessandra Baldereschi redesigns the everyday with her own personal stylistic code. The world that emerges from her pencil has the intangibility of dreams and memories; it recalls an era of bliss with the soft outlines of the world of fairy tales.

The cacti, are inspired by existing species of succulent plants, transformed through Alessandra's imagination into sinuous shapes.
The cacti are proposed in two versions:
- lighted with the possibility to choose the colour of the pot while the lighted plant is translucent light green.
- not lighted, available to your choice, mono or bi-colour (standard mat)

Bonnie and Otto represent two stylized animals, with an essential and ironic trait. They are pets, silent and wise. Their eyes are closed but they are not sleeping, they are waiting and watching us calmly, with indulgence. Both also available in lighted version with rechargeable LED system.

Production by Serralunga 2021