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SURUS Elephant designed by Alessandra Baldereschi

SURUS is the name of the elephant that crossed the Alps with the Carthaginian army at the beginning of the Second Punic War, and became an example of courage and determination after surviving this extraordinary endeavour. Believed to be lucky  by many cultures, the symbol of the elephant carries a positive meaning and its erect trunk is a considered to be a welcoming sign.

Interely made by hand thanks to Bosa's handcrafting knowledge, SURUS ceramic elephant is embellished with glossy glazes, precious metals and tridimensionals textures.

Available in two colour options that evoke the day and night scenery of the savannah, SURUS illustrates its natural habitat, endangered every day by deforestation and climate change.

Due to its big dimensions, SURUS elephant can be proposed also as a container to safeguard small objects, plaids and covers.

Surus, along with Margot (the sea turtle)  joins the sadly more numerous family of endangered species, and it represents Bosa's mission to support WWF.

Materials:Glazed ceramics decorated with precious metals

Dimensions:  Lenght 71 cm, Width 29 cm, Height 61 cm

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