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Dimore Design 2016
Bergamo, Palazzo Agliardi

Dimore Design, curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio, is a series of events where history and tradition meets design, art and architecture giving birth to some new experimentations and contaminations of places and atmospheres. On 2016 Alessandra Baldereschi was invited to interpret the marvelous home of Palazzo Agliardi where she creates an installation called Wunderkammer.

Wunderkammer (in English “Room of Wonders”) is a German expression used to indicate specific locations where, between the 16th and 18th century, collectors used to keep extraordinary objects. Alessandra Baldereschi imagined that some of her projects would coexist a historical mansion where some contemporary elements insert old decors and valuable paintings. A harmonious exchange between the past and the present that enhances the mansion and its beauty.

"Alessandra presents a vision contaminated by experience. Its inspiration materializes in a strongly evocative taste, in an ethereal decorative imprint, in a delicate and measured expressive force that is projected in every area of its design. Her creations are born from the need to trigger a certain empathy between objects and people. Between the places and their historical memory. Inspiration often arises from everyday life, from moments of the past, from memories, from author's paintings, from ancestral cultures, from the stories that have somehow crossed it. Contaminations of distant times and places, which become everyday objects, thanks to shapes, materials, textures, capable of evoking the search for beauty, for joy and for poetry."
Giovanna Ricuperati